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Tech for Good

An important part of techUK's mission is to ensure we use our platform to improve lives and build a sustainable future for all. See some of our Tech for Good activities and initiatives from techUK staff and members, and get involved today.


At techUK, our mission is to champion our members and their technologies, preparing and empowering the UK for what comes next. We believe that by doing so, we can deliver a better future for people, society, the economy, and the planet. We are committed to supporting emerging social innovators who are tackling today's most pressing challenges through technology, while also demystifying and unlocking tech's potential, making it approachable and accessible for everyone.

Our Tech for Good initiative is built upon four pillars, each representing a core aspect of our mission.


Empowering people

Active digital participation is vital, but so are positive impacts on well-being, upskilling, diversity, and inclusion. Our goal is to nurture a more inclusive, empowered society through concrete actions.


Strengthening society

Through this pillar, we shed light on technology's potential to bolster society, spotlighting its role in shaping a smarter state that elevates the wealth and wellbeing of all citizens.



Driving the economy

This pillar emphasises technology's role as a force for good, crucial in developing effective policy and regulatory solutions that drive economic digitisation, productivity, and inclusive growth.


Protecting the planet

Rooted in our belief in technology's potential, this pillar highlights its role in driving sustainability and preserving our planet. We emphasise its role in protecting our land, seas, and biodiversity. 



 🪧 TechGiving 🪧

At the heart of innovation lies a profound desire to create positive change. In a world driven by technology, the potential to uplift communities and make a lasting impact has never been greater. TechGiving is a special initiative dedicated to highlighting the remarkable efforts of our members as they participate in charitable events and opportunities that leverage technology for the greater good.

Geo-targeted ‘Urgent Missing Appeals’ to be served to millions of train travellers

The charity Missing People has partnered with Trainline to launch a new initiative in the UK, creating geo-located urgent and current missing person appeals landing directly on users’ phones.

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👐 The People Behind Tech For Good 👐

'The People Behind Tech for Good' are a series of interviews that aim to spotlight rising social innovators who are addressing today's most pressing challenges through technology. These are techUK member companies' employees/teams/departments (regardless of seniority) who are passionate about a particular topic and who are going beyond their roles (but through their companies) to inspire change.

Click on the images below to find out more about each of these individuals's stories. 

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🖇️ Get involved 🖇️

🫵 Are you or someone in your team driving positive change through technology? Be part of our 'The People Behind Tech for Good' interview series! Email Tania Teixeira ([email protected]) a 200-word paragraph about yourself/team, your/their role, your/their passion, and what small steps you/they and your company are taking to inspire ‘Tech for Good’. Be aware that this is an individual/team opportunity, and although we encourage spotlighting the company you are part of, this interview is about the people leading action, not a direct sales opportunity. 

🎗️ Is your tech company supporting charity work? Get your initiative spotlighted to our tech community. Email your initiative and how others can support it to Rohit Sharma ([email protected]). Further details will be provided then. 


Get involved in our #TechForGood work by becoming a techUK member!

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For more information and to list your activity, please contact: 

Tania Teixeira

Tania Teixeira

Social Media and Content Manager, techUK

Tania joined the Marketing and Communications team at techUK as a Social Media and Content Manager in July 2022.  

Prior to techUK, Tania worked at early-stage tech start-ups (both art-tech and fintech). With a creative educational background (BA in Fine Arts and MA in Writing), Tania developed the core skills to grow expertise in content creation across various formats. Tania is passionate about organic growth and community building and she will help build and expand techUK’s incredible community of thought leaders.  

Outside work hours, Tania loves to be around nature and animals, discovering new food and enjoying music events.  

[email protected]

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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma

Manager, Digital Marketing and Content, techUK

Rohit works for the marketing department and is responsible for techUK's content programme. 

Prior to joining techUK, Rohit worked for a global finance body, an auction house, a homelessness charity and for a number of record shops.

Outside of work, Rohit enjoys travelling, writing, football, film and music.

[email protected]
020 7331 2041

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