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techUK believes that we need a robust and workable data compliance environment in the UK to deliver outcomes that ensure consumer trust. It's also important to ensure that the data environment is fit-for-purpose, and future-proofed for emerging technologies, including the free-flow of data. This work brings together policy, public affairs, government relations and privacy professionals interested in influencing or understanding the data protection landscape impacting the industry.



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Data Strategies Series

techUK explores the tools and strategies businesses are using to unlock the value of data and deliver better products and services to customers.

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Data Protection Group

The Data Protection Group, a cross-industry collaboration in the UK, aims to foster a robust data compliance environment for consumer trust across markets. It unites professionals and individuals passionate about influencing or understanding data protection in the tech industry.

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Open Data Working Group

The Open Data Working Group is a cross-industry techUK group working together on broad themes around smart and open data in the UK. This working group will examine how, building on the principles of open banking, we might extend the ability for innovators to access data and shape it into services, while crucially protecting ethics and consumer privacy.

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Public Policy Group

This Group is a forum for senior professionals in public policy, public affairs, and government relations, shaping the tech sector's policy landscape. It fosters discussions on political matters, identifies emerging issues, and works to establish industry consensus on policy developments.

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