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Central Government

The Central Government Programme represents the supplier community of technology to the UK Government. We advocate for the govtech sector, evangelise tech as a solution to public sector challenges, facilitate market engagement and help make the public sector an easier market to operate in. We help members make the most out of the govtech opportunity, and help government become a more intelligent customer for tech, ultimately driving value for money and improved public services for citizens.

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Central Government Groups and Councils

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Central Government Council

Our Central Government Council is elected by techUK members to represent the supplier community to government. It aims to lead debate on new technologies and optimise the use of existing capabilities. It exists to: promote and enable better engagement between the tech sector and government departments; provide leadership and support on techUK’s campaigns and projects to reform public procurement; promote and evangelise the transformative role tech can play in public services.


techUK Public Services Board

As our senior forum for public sector tech suppliers, the PSB creates the environment for the UK tech industry to collaborate across the whole of Government to enable the delivery of world class, affordable public services. The PSB aims to: Improve the engagement between Government and the tech industry; Provide leadership on policy issues related to public services transformation; Champion better use of technology to drive efficiencies in Government and transform our public services.

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