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SPACE ARK! is the sci-fi odyssey commencing near the advent of the Seventh Millennium on Earth where ingenious aerospace engineers are developing that world's latest generation of Spacecraft whose revolutionary propulsion system will far surpass the very powerful, yet grievously limited, jet propulsion generated via rocketry. The futuristic setting for a giant leap to ultramodern Spacecraft Technology is the nascent Magnetic Propulsion Laboratory, or MPL, a recently added subdivision of JPL, the historic Jet Propulsion Laboratory where futuristic ideas were transformed into reality. The inventive visionaries at the experimental research and development think tank have been engaged diligently in constructing the first prototype Flying Saucer built upon the Earth. Eighteen of the sleek and lightning fast Discs will be piloted by identical personages of eighteen scientists and engineers selected from the ranks of their colleagues at the new R & D offshoot. The chosen few volunteer to have their unique DNA culled for generating semisynthetic replicates of themselves. The eighteen mirror Replicants will be entrusted with the daunting task of saving the increasingly endangered life on their insensibly jeopardized planet of origin. The trusted plenipotentiaries will endeavor to reach the distant objectives of their creators' altruistic mission of salvation by flying the fleet of Spaceships on a daring and dangerous expedition whose long duration and faraway termini will be unprecedented in the annals of Space flights launched from their world.
Dedicated dream weavers at the innovative Space Lab weave their lofty dreams into designs for the high-flying Spaceships, then construct the exotic vessels. While MPL's aerospace engineers build the marvelous Starships termed Circular Wings, bioengineers fashion the magnificent pilots they dub Androgynyns who will man those extraordinary Spacecraft which will whisk from their ever more imperiled planet those especial Earthlings in stasis within those durable androids. The replicant Droids will fly the saucers across yawning chasms of interstellar space to extremely distant destinations. A master flight plan foresees the Androgynyns employing the powerful slingshot force of an hypothesized red-shift catapult their creators calculate should boost the powerful Rotary Wings to the outermost extremities of a speedily inflating universe where they will be far away from the irresistible gravity well of a theorized Big Plunge to avoid being drawn into, and then incinerated by, such an inevitable crushing cataclysm thus allowing them a chance to reach the tandem goals of their epic enterprise. First, besides those special seeds of humanity, planet Earth's numerous other precious life forms must be collected during a painstaking worldwide effort of salvation. Their DNA must then be converted into the binary format for preservation and stowage in one comprehensive repository of digital codes for their eventual uploading into a modern Ark's Genome Wing and then transplanted by the surrogate humans onto a habitable world somewhere in the current universe for which they must search during the first leg of their prudent mission of preservation and exploration. The Androgynyns must zoom onward from there and endeavor to reach the second goal of their celestial safari: prove by way of their very long flight that the existing heavens, which they must ultimately attempt to exit, are destined to expire in the terminal death throes of an implosive Big Crunch but then be succeeded by still another monumental macrocosm born from the tiny microcosm preceding yet another Big Bang after which multitudes of worlds should form gradually as in the previous empyrean. They hope at least one such new world eventually will evolve into an ideally suitable one for the seeding of what will be some very ancient seeds by that future time.
After many years of developing that heterodox technology for its unorthodox zooming machine,
followed by MPL building and thoroughly flight testing the ships, while concurrently calculating the course to fly, an audacious mission finally launches its anticipated protracted flight skyward
into the nether regions of Space. The star fleet flies so far and for so long a time that it outlasts the end of one macrocosm by evading its destructive death while flying at a safe distance from the event to observe while also recording the devastating dynamics of its inevitable demise and eventual cataclysmic annihilation. The ancient Ark Of Discovery flies onward in the wake of total destruction, then eludes an even greater creative force from the sequential Big Bang while
monitoring its curious essence in detail, then finally proves by firsthand observation the ancient
Multi–Cosmos Theory. During its marathon trek, the Ark Of Ages is drawn into a very dangerous
Space race with its menacing archrival GALCON, the colossal InterGalactic ConGlomerate, a gargantuan mining enterprise also employing very advanced technologies yet merely for greedy
corporate aggrandizement during its avaricious excavation escapades which eventually span many a galaxy. The Ark Of Destiny is destined to oppose the pandemic and perennial scourge of
GALCON in a decisive battle during which it must save a budding cosmos and itself from its old and ruthless archenemy which the ancient Ark Of Faith was certain could not have survived the lethal Big Plunge at the terminus of the previous universe, then subsequent explosive Big Bang following its devastating Big Crunch, yet somehow did. The Ark Of Salvation finally encounters its diabolical nemesis at the brilliant dawn of the new empyrean after its deadly antagonist relentlessly pursues one Ark Of Hope for numberless eons as its primary target for annihilation.
The quite olden Ark Of Dreams becomes a superannuated dream after miraculously surviving the ferocious Battle Of The Void with its ancient, and chief, rival GALCON. Its ever inquisitive astronauts resume their far-flung voyage flying ever onward following the decisive star war. They eventually fly near an astonishing mature solar system whilst navigating the spectacular nascent firmament whose gradual development they closely observe and record in detail. The fascinating star system they descry looks especially tantalizing to them. Because one fetching cerulean world orbiting its sun appears ideally suited for fulfilling a dream inherited from their creators, the dream of reincarnating their carnal ancestors who, once upon a time, lived on a similar orb named Earth which once resided for so long a time amidst the erstwhile empyrean. For, those ancestors of yore were the very special people who originally fashioned the trusty Androgynyns and their powerful Starships, then dispatched them on an extraordinarily lengthy exodus from that bygone cycle of Creation from whence they all originated oh so very long ago.
The amaranthine mission has some mystical encounters with some mysterious Beings before and during its exceedingly long journey the first of which occurs while the mission's crews are still earthbound when they chance upon a trio of extraterrestrial Starships which inspire their own similar designs. One of those Spaceships is stranded temporarily while they visit the Earth.
The second such rendezvous is with some telepathic dolphins whom cheer their bold scheme to
exit their imperiled world. The next is with spiritual protectors whom mysteriously help them in
the ferocious star war with GALCON. The last occurs during their search for a star system with a habitable world when the replicated Beings are endued with supernatural energy just before their transformation back to their seminal creators. The anticipated transubstantiation finally transpires after they alight upon HEARTH and its moon CHARM which orbit around the sun in their solar system within a pinwheel galaxy named the MILKY MODE which is spiraling around and around amongst trillions of other nascent galaxies populating a new and expanding firmament.
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