Space Ark!

I enjoyed SPACE ARK! very much, and I wanted to tell you so. The concepts, some familiar, and some intriguing ideas I'd never imagined, were intertwined into a very captivating story. The overall premise, I thought, was quite original. There were some twists and turns that kept me engaged, even though I had a strong feeling it would end somewhat the way it did. I'm GLAD it ended that way in fact. I like stories that leave me feeling whole and safe as this did! I consider myself somewhat technically oriented. I have a habit of reading even fiction as though it were a technical manual. Your vocabulary is one of the richest I have encountered. Wow!
Roger Lenack v C

My colleagues and I now have had the opportunity to read and give some discussion to your novel, SPACE ARK! We are in agreement that it is sci-fi at a high level with all of the requisite ingredients to do well in that niche market. Your writing evokes good visual impressions in the narrative while the dialog is nice and tidy. Some really good writing. I think this should easily find a home with the right book publisher. Thanks for bringing SPACE ARK! to my attention. It is a novel richly deserving of publication.
The Austin Wahl Agency v Thomas Wahl C

I received the autographed copies of your book and already sold all of them here in the dental clinic. Thanks so much. Be sure to send several more copies of SPACE ARK! as it is being well received in this area! All the doctors at the clinic are impressed with your talent, your gift of writing, Bible scriptures and vocabulary. Your book is informing, enlightening and a challenge to the imagination. You are a talented, gifted person with a large, deep vocabulary. Thanks for the glossary of terms in the back of your book.
Deborah C. Rounsaville v C

SPACE ARK! is an exceptional novel, so much so that I wondered if you might have additional copies available for sale. Moreover, have you published any other work since 1992? If so, please let me know.
Sincerely, Farhod Azarbaydjani C

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