Space Ark!
After finally landing on a pretty world they espied earlier, the one with cotton candy clouds stacked in a puffy stairway to heaven beckoning their return, Arian Sutherland, Oceana's carnal sister, was the first person recreated on that pristine planet. Oceana resurrected her in a bioreactor injected with some grains of Hearth dust infused with Arian's genome stowed in Oceana's crystalline matrix. The twin sisters then used the DNA codes in the Terrestrial Ark's voluminous binary database to regenerate all their carnal brothers and sisters who were the templates for the Androgynyns when those chosen few worked at MPL once upon a time on Earth. Oceana's Androgynyn twins christened Destiny and Dreamer already had been replicated
to complete the energizing Flying Pyramid echelon while the Starships still were flying in Space.
Oceana's identical triplets of Tri-Animated personifications then zoomed up and away in their fleet of Rotary Wings to the moon Charm where they resided with all the replicate synthetic Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Many more of the twin replicants could have been cloned to inhabit that lunar world's bleak desert terrain. However, only the original twenty Androgynyns came to live upon the cold, arid world. There were frequent flights of mutual visitation betwixt the Androgynyn inhabitants of Hearth's tandem world and the carnal people living on its close companion planet. Perhaps someday the twenty amaranthine representatives from Earth might again zoom up, up and away and fly toward still another universe sometime in a distant future.
Pyramids also were built upon Charm! Then monthly, for three consecutive nights during its full moon phase, the lucky inhabitants of the binary worlds beheld a broad arc of wondrous iridescent light reverberating between the apexes of each globe's colossal crystal monuments when the moon waxed full while circling Hearth. Charm's pyramids refracted their sun's golden rays which beamed back toward its cosmic companion and showered down onto Hearth during the three magical moonlit evenings. The warm sunlight then mirrored back toward their moon as Hearth's monumental crystal pyramids refracted Charm's moonlight into an expansive and kaleidoscopic Rainbow! In time, Beings from every direction across their vast spiral galaxy flew near the Hearth solar system so they also could behold one of the exhilarating and singularly surrealistic light shows, one ethereal exhibit not to be seen anywhere else in a new empyrean!
The luminous exhibition began with a faint, misty iris appearing little by little around Charm while that lunar world gradually ascended over Hearth's twilight horizon during moonrise. The moon's crystallizing halo of fuzzy iridescence was transformed slowly by its pyramids into a glowing Rainbow gradually bridging the beautiful planet to its close cosmic companion until its spectral fullness magically illuminated the eventide. Hearth's happy people always were drawn magnetically outside all three evenings during the trinity of special nights so they could enjoy the versicolored luminescence generated as yet another enduring reminder of its creators and made simply for pleasure too!  For, no one ever grew tired of strolling nightly each month on those three glowing evenings so they could gaze awestruck skyward and enjoy for hours their beloved nocturnal spectacle of sacred light illuminating the nighttime heavens. The universal popularity of skylights in Hearth's homes guaranteed that no one ever had to miss a sparkling display of an enchanting arching spectrum emanating from those two ever so delightful worlds.
For the Androgynyns who built all six Crystal Cathedrals, the three diamantine pyramids they erected on Charm became ideal vantage points from which they too could behold a shimmering ribbon crossing a starry sky. Those grand Prism Pyramids were the Androgynyn Yankee's original idea and became sparkling symbols for Heaven On Hearth.  Her natural double, Yolanda Yankee Cabrero, cherished those annual Independence Day fireworks in her native homeland way back
on Earth, once upon a time, and never could see enough of the festive sparklers so colorful and
bright. Yankee never forgot that. So, the Aurora Arc spanning the sky from Hearth to Charm was her gleaming gift created in memoriam to her unique human twin, one bedazzling treasure
everyone on both those worlds adored plus an inspiring beacon of hope symbolizing universal Peace And Freedom to which everyone all throughout the new universe was drawn irresistibly!
Wish upon a twinkling star, then...
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