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world governed perfectly via DIRECT DEMOCRACY, the archetypal architecture of
democracy whereby Athenian voters in ancient Greece likewise governed Athens
with no elected interlopers meddling in Earth's first democracy. For, that plenary
democracy precluded all those fallible career politicians along with their political
parties which only deleteriously divide the electorate into opposing factions with
gridlock endemic to that innately divisive system. Rather than only a few elected
representatives, THE PEOPLE use the trustworthy GRASS–ROOTS system of town
hall meetings for authentic self–rule wherein solutions for all local, regional plus
ecumenical public concerns are proposed, then resolved by plebiscites. The town
hall caucus is expanded to encompass a vast internet which then enables a more
convenient plus readily accessible World Wide Web to become the local, regional
and global forum for developing popular laws to solve public issues, for debating
proffered solutions and for an online eVote to enact or reject such recommended
laws. That deliberative system also is employed to repeal any established law no
longer deemed acceptable to a majority of voters instead of a majority of elected
politicians who do not constitute Majority Rule but just define an elitist oligarchy
which is pristine democracy flipped onto its head resulting in mere minority rule.
Democracy never can stand upright again until all statutes not originally enacted
by authentic democracy are voided requiring reenactment by a majority vote but
only if and when the majority of eligible voters decide to reenact a nixed statute.
Otherwise, consent of the governed has not been duly procured, and thenceforth
they are unobligated to obey such laws unsanctioned by their ultimate authority.
Local political involvement increases whenever any worldwide internet broadens
Town Hall Democracy while making GrassRoots Democracy feasible worldwide.
Modern populistic INITIATIVES and RECALLS plus REFERENDA are contemporary
plebiscites by which the ancient Greek commoners, plebes, managed their public
affairs directly. Today's plebiscite is a vital link to the venerable past which must
not be forgotten as modernity progresses, because beaming ideas from antiquity
are brilliant beacons ever illuminating the pathway toward brighter days ahead! The zenith of democracy will be reached again whenever a sparse use of modern
initiatives is universalized once again. After recouping comprehensive governing
control, voters will recommence addressing plus resolving each and every public
matter via that equalitarian procedure, rather than deciding merely a few issues,
thereby resurrecting one arcadian Golden Age when electorates were completely
enfranchised! To hasten a celebratory revival, boycott the mediocre imposters of
democracy in the meantime by adjusting your customary way of voting. Because
patronizing them only validates and succors the defective varieties of democracy
rather than mandating their replacement. Instead, help restore its initial schema
by favoring the supplanting of its flawed forms with democracy's singularly pure
design, a return to the prototype of democracy truly of, by, and for, The  People!
Why settle for its crumbs when consummate democracy was available ever since
the fifth century B. C. Athenian city-state had been governed by real democracy?
Tweaking your voting routine is the simplest way to begin replacing any nominal
democracy. While voters should continue to cast their votes on propositions plus
recalls whenever any grass–roots initiatives appear on the election ballots at the
polls in the hodgepodge of U. S. States and the District of Columbia which permit
either recalls, initiatives or referenda on such ballots, voters alternatively should
discontinue casting their crucially decisive votes for any candidate competing for
any elective governmental offices listed on those ballots. Such selective voting is
suggested as the inaugural step to take in the process of jettisoning a fraudulent
democracy imitating the real item, while still voting in elections, and therefore is
the optimal middle ground for any voter who may feel neglectful of a duty if they
stopped voting altogether. Such a targeted boycott encourages voters to partake
in the truly democratic section of the election ballot while that measured protest
urges them to ignore the questionable portion. The boycott also is recommended
for any disgruntled electorates to implement wherever they are aroused to invey
against the representative forms of government in countries which also permit a
proportion of Direct Democracy. Although a total boycott still is suggested as the
maneuver to exercise if your American state or your nationwide system of public
administration obviates any amount of purest democracy. Historic boycotts were
an effortless, while very efficacious, way to make unprecedented progress in the
revolutionary civil rights movement and certainly will remain as the easiest, plus
most effective, tactic to use when endeavoring to reestablish perfect democracy.
A passive boycott is easy because merely withholding voting patronage from any
counterfeit democracy will force revolutionary advancement again via peacefully
opposing oppression: that historic adversary of real democracy, authentic liberty
plus genuine justice, a revered trinity never victorious until its archenemy finally
is overcome forever! California's 120 state lawmakers simply represent minority
rule because that small number equates to a tiny percentage of one large state's
24,642,740 eligible voters as of 2016. To regard such deficient representation as
Majority Rule is patently absurd whereas all voters comprising Direct Democracy
accurately defines actual Majority Rule! When compared to the similarly meager
percentage of California state representatives for such a large electorate, merely
535 U.S. Congressmen, just five Los Angeles county supervisors plus only fifteen
Los Angeles city councilmen are equally unrepresentative of those multitudinous
constituents they too serve. Neither is majority rule extant anywhere upon Earth
where such low ratios of elected proxies to voters is the universal norm. None of
those innumerable systems of minority rule merit the esteemed term Democracy
but merely define those myriad of ignoble oligarchies regrettably relegating that
world's people to universal inequality, oppression, injustice and discontentment.
VOTING DIRECTLY on every public sector problem is the solely genuine rendition
of democracy and therefore is that one definitive alternative to any paradigms of
Representative Democracy. Any such polity is only a regressively élitist variation
of democracy systemically flawed by an intrinsic susceptibility to corruption plus
fatally plagued by flagrant misrepresentation marked by ever repeating cycles of
dubious campaign promises followed by many a broken pledge resulting in many
a discontented constituent dissatisfied by far too many unresolved public hydras
stemming from that routinely derelict leadership of a paltry chosen few. For, any
ostensible democracy which focuses primarily on merely a few elected leaders is
merely one subservient Cult Of Personality not authentically democratic because
the personalities of candidates running for elective public offices are often major
issues in themselves, thus reducing far too many elections to ignoble personality contests. Those petty races overshadow the vital issues at hand while voters are
distracted from their pressing public concerns which receive scant attention as a
few loud voices overpower those of a silent majority ever struggling to be heard.
Whereas a totally equitable GrassRoots Democracy empowers all those voters to cooperate as coequal leaders while marginalizing none as mere followers. The
government of a few elected leaders is not democracy's ultimate variant, just its
penultimate mutation, one milestone in a millennial evolution of governance, but
still merely the last steppingstone in the historic series of steps leading from the
monarchy: rule by a king, to the élitist oligarchy: governing by a few leaders, to
government by all the voters: Plebiscite Democracy, democracy's one ascendant
architype. The final stride on the protracted ascent from imperfect democracy to
its pinnacle of perfection must be taken so freedom ultimately may flourish! The
liberating gospel of good governance proclaims Democracy, Justice and Freedom
are One: a venerated threefold unity. Such a solid edifice of liberty erected upon
the crucial cornerstone of civil rights always requires a truly democratic political
system for a solid and abiding foundation. Because without a durable fundament
of pure democracy to underpin real EQUALITY, neither freedom nor any of those stalwart pillars of human rights can be upheld, stand sturdy or endure. Nor can a
world be genuinely free unless the political superstructure is built on a bona fide
democracy, a place in the sun where happiness finally can be pursued freely by all. For, it's not free if liberty is only for sale to those whom can afford freedom.
Modify the status quo if necessary because change is good if it's a Good Change!
The basic layout of a constitution needed for establishing DIRECT DEMOCRACY is
available by buying a visionary novel's principles for a POPULIST DEMOCRACY as
outlined in the last chapter about a good world administered by pure democracy,
one beneficent planet where an electorate votes solely on homegrown proposals
while never voting for, nor against, any people running for a few elective offices.
For, all salutary worlds ban powerful officeholders and their privileged positions.
Because voters often are betrayed by corruptible representatives while never by
any of their own honorable, parochial, pure and incorruptible grassroots ideas!
Participatory democracy has no recall since such a simple system has no elected
lawmakers to recall! Nor is the referendum needed since no legislature exists to
refer proposed laws to voters. They initiate their own laws, then hold plebiscites
to pass or eschew a statute via a simple majority vote and is why the egalitarian
plebiscitary democracy will be reintroduced on the Earth during a similar kind of
joyful celebration with which it initially was inaugurated on another world when
presented upon Hearth as Universal Direct Democracy at its christening festival!
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To everyone who blessed me and my dream
during the novel's self–publication phase:
May all your dreams come true ...
My dream is the essence and motto of Direct Democracy:
"NO!" replied 6,843,001 leaders in California when most of them voted "YES!" on election day, 06-06-1978, to pass perhaps the best law ever proposed via Prop. 13. Not only did the 65% supermajority numbering 4,280,689 of those many leaders turn a farfetched fantasy of abating their own taxes into reality by voting for that statewide ballot measure to roll back real estate taxes from 2.07% to only 1%! When passed into law that day, the sizeable 35% minority numbering 2,326,167 who voted against that beneficial initiative also reaped the bountiful fruits of its monumental 57% reduction to their ever increasing real property tax burden. Because who can imagine even one of the numerous naysayers returning the money they too saved? Proposition 13's codification is
only an example of how legislating by way of Direct Democracy can benefit all voters because its inherent Wisdom Of Numbers guaranteed that universally favorable result for voters regarding one urgent issue: no losers, just winners! No one voted for Howard Jarvis nor Paul Gann, coauthors of the initiative, just their excellent idea! I thank them for writing it and everyone who voted for it when the light of genuine democracy shone brightly as that great proposition became a law, an historic example of egalitarian legislating via People Power!
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