Space Ark!
Hi! I am Nathan Lee Carnes, the creator of Space Ark! I graduated from CSUN in 1975 with honors in my major field
of study, Political Science, perhaps the main reason why my
novel's last chapter revolves around the vital foundation for
any beneficent world: its Political System. I was inspired to compose a Space Opera two years after witnessing one UFO
with a triad of orange lights fly silently overhead, halt, then
hover stealthily awhile, then slowly glide away through one
midsummer's starry, nightfall sky in 1989. Later, I saw four
more Starships visiting Earth while flying my own very long
trajectory of discovery onboard one soaring Ark Of Dreams
whose mystical pilot is a mysterious muse of revelation and
its steadfast navigator one's magical imagination. As I spun
a colorful yarn, all the while at the end of the winding tale's
panoramic Rainbow a pot of Gold was awaiting to my wild
surprise and delight. Because writing can be just as much an odyssey of revelations for a writer as for the reader. For,
I the writer also discovered what you a reader will discover
by way of one fable, simply over a far broader Arc Of Time.
SPACE ARK! is my first novel. The novel was dedicated to JFK, one of the beloved Presidents
of the USA who encouraged his fellow citizens and everybody on Earth to fly farther through
Space where they had begun to voyage only four years before his exhortation to explore the
Final Frontier and land on the Moon by the end of the decade, near the inception of which he proclaimed that bold goal for his countrymen to reach. However, I will be forever grateful to
a grand lady, my wonderful mother, JoAnne Murl Mayer, my best friend, and the most loving person I ever will know, for likewise emboldening me to unfold the underlying storyline into
a lively tale fully developed when its seed was a mere twenty pages with neither a plot, nor any characters or dialogue. Yet, rather than negatively criticizing the seminal narrative after
reading the embryonic treatment, the nearest and dearest person to me instead graciously fostered the fledgling literary enterprise by tactfully telling me, "You need characters to say
and do those things." Just a few direct and enlightening words launched the long journey of
discovery by way of writing when those prefatory notions still were grounded with no wings to make them alight. JoAnne was thus an adept facilitator, the best kind of teacher, because
of the gentle yet potent methods of personal mentoring she often employed to empower, to encourage, to motivate and to inspire me and many others during her life upon planet Earth.
My Mom is the noblest person I ever will know and she is the finest teacher I ever will have.
Joan is in a Better Place  where Splediforous Gardens  and Heavenly Perfection  abound,
a peaceful realm where a supernal river of Living Waters  flows to an ageless Tree Of Life,
where the exhilarating joy of Sublime Liberty  springs eternal, where love shines evermore
in endless splendor for everyone to behold, where everlasting felicity is ever aglow for all to
see, where Transcendent Beauty  is all round about for all to savor in a Sacred Sanctuary,
a golden paradise where serene solace, ascending ecstasy and ineffable bliss will reign ever triumphal, where Enchanting Rainbows  live within the brilliance of an Ascendant Light,
the holy source of sacred colours, Home Sweet Home, where she's now a citizen of Heaven.
After a long expedition through the infinite and eternal imagination, I finally discovered one
macrocosm where I realized I am a UNIVERSAL BEING confined to no place, nor any planets
nor any one universe, simply a liberated Being totally free to discover and enjoy the fruits of
authentic freedom. At the end of this very long journey, I realized I had been marooned as a
stranger in a strange world in the meantime, a very mean time for me and for anyone whom
also finally realizes that stark yet enlightening reality, the journey from darkness into Light.

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