Space Ark!
Hi! I'm Nathan Lee Carnes, the creator of Space Ark! I graduated from CSUN in 1975 with honors in my major field
of study, Political Science, perhaps the main reason why my
novel's last chapter revolves around the vital foundation for
any beneficent world: its Political System. I was inspired to compose a Space Opera two years after witnessing one UFO
with a triad of orange lights fly silently overhead, halt, then
hover stealthily awhile, then slowly glide away through one
midsummer's starry, nightfall sky in 1989. Later, I saw four
more Starships visiting Earth while flying my own very long
trajectory of discovery onboard one soaring Ark Of Dreams
whose mystical pilot is a mysterious muse of revelation and
its steadfast navigator one's magical imagination. As I spun
a colorful yarn, all the while at the end of the winding tale's
panoramic Rainbow a pot of Gold was awaiting to my wild
surprise and delight. Because writing can be just as much an odyssey of revelations for a writer as for the reader. For,
I the writer also discovered what you a reader will discover
by way of one fable, simply over a far broader Arc Of Time.
SPACE ARK! is my premier novel. I dedicated the book to JFK, one of the beloved Presidents of the USA who galvanized his fellow citizens and all people on Earth to journey farther into Space where they had begun to voyage only four years before his exhortation to explore the
Final Frontier and land on the Moon by the end of the decade, near the inception of which he
proclaimed that bold goal for his countrymen to reach. However, I will be forever grateful to
a grand lady, my wonderful mother, JoAnne Murl Mayer, my best friend, and the most loving person I ever will know, for likewise emboldening me to unfold the underlying storyline into
a lively tale fully developed when its seed was a mere twenty pages with neither a plot, nor any characters or dialogue. Yet, rather than negatively criticizing the seminal narrative after
reviewing the embryonic treatment, the nearest and dearest person to me instead tactfully fostered her son's fledgling literary venture by graciously telling him, "You need characters to say and do those things." Just those few direct plus powerful words launched his long flight of discovery by way of writing when such prefatory notions still were grounded with no wings to make them soar. JoAnne was thus an adept facilitator, the best kind of teacher, because of the gentle yet potent methods of mentoring she often employed to empower, to encourage, to motivate and to inspire him plus many other persons during her visit to Earth.
The noblest person I ever will know was also the finest teacher I ever had. She still mentors
me while guiding, blessing, inspiring and protecting me ever so subtly, yet oh so powerfully,
but now from a resplendent, regal CASTLE IN THE CLOUDS embosomed somewhere over the
Rainbow way up high, an ascendant abode enshrouded within love's enveloping light where I
too will abide again someday upon finally returning to my Home Sweet Home! Because Home
is wherever Mom is, the ultimate destination where the endless exultation of one everlasting
joyful reunion with loved ones patiently awaits one's happy homecoming, a serene Kingdom
where unfettered Freedom reigns forevermore supreme within the cozy comfort of caressing
exaltation and perpetual peace, a Better Place  to be wherein rapturous Beauty is eternally
lustrous with glistening perennials midst its dreamy domain of glittering gardens so ecstatic
in enchanting elegance, always abloom in buoyant bliss, where boundless Fragrant Meadows
always ablaze with opalescent petals like shimmering spectral prisms resting ever so calmly
atop delicate Diamantine Dandelions split the bedazzling Glory glimmering all roundabout into
living colors of Crystalline Compassion  so wondrously vivid, eternally unveiling amazing
Grace, embracing rays of Mercy, and illuminating Truth, while riots of Splendiferous Blossoms
always so radiant shimmer ever so cheerily in the cool shade under a towering Tree Of Life
ever emanating Goodness glowing from an eminent height oh so very high above a daytime's
towery clouds, soaring way beyond the nighttime's sterling starlight, where that everlasting
realm of sparkling luster so scintillating gleams with divine vibrations far beyond the sphere
of daylight's reveries, beyond those opulent scenes of fanciful dreams twinkling through the
night, beyond even the sublime revelations of a starlit imagination, yet never far from sight.
Because one Brilliant Beacon of the only True Love always beams Ardent Inspiration eternally
bright, the luminous flame never fading but forever revealing one Perfect Love from a veiled
dominion of Pure Light, a perpetually dazzling paradise of efflorescent wonders where wispy
clouds of effervescent wishes and iridescent desires forever vibrant never wander away, but
where the soothing balm of Still Waters rippling so gently with gossamer hopes and dreams
for the ever yearning souls afar alow forever flows from sparkling springs always aglow in a
Golden Love so very high above, the ever hopeful gazing ever heavenward from so far below,
the lustrous ponds of Celestial Love so tranquil in placid peace, so limpid and so very deep in
Fathomless Blessings, always flowing into boundless rivers of Living Waters, giving daughters
and sons ever so readily and oh so graciously from one eternally Gleaming Source of ethereal
illumination in their everlasting possession, coursing ever so steadily earthward and ever so
softly with a Supernal Passion, the cascading desiderata faithfully descending in a comforting
calm to the wishing wells of their hopeful hearts serenely waiting downstream, where those
stardust dreams lovingly inspired from a majestic height so lofty alight, soon aspiring anew,
forever ascending in spiring flight, zooming higher and ever higher on exhilarating waves of
Spectral Light , gliding so gladly above the heights on blissful flights of fancy, beaming far
beyond the daystar so nigh and beyond the crush of nocturnal suns shining so very high in a
night's twinkling sky, gratefully reflecting such a Faithful Love from an always Abiding Light.
But before one happy homecoming to sonorous sonatas, resplendent rhapsodies and hushed
harmonies of an Heavenly Country, a timeless dimension beyond all transitory Space and one
momentary Time, beyond the melodious music of the Ephemeral Spheres circling high above
in the twinkling heavens, I tarry as a stranger in a strange land, a restive pilgrim sojourning
upon one remote planet who knows he likely never will be able to visit any other fascinating lands on any other foreign worlds near or far from the one of his origin before that final trek
home to Valhalla. He must instead remain marooned with all other earthlings whom also are
stranded on a secluded celestial island with no way to exit until the Ark Of Freedom finally
is built, boarded, then launched skyward to any such penultimate destinations! That curious
sojourner meanwhile will continue to stargaze into the firmament looking for the mystifying
lights emanating around enigmatic CHARIOTS OF FIRE while also gazing heavenward to one
higher light oftentimes glimpsed mistily through a glass darkly from his cosmic island oasis.
I arrived at a faraway world in a distant future after a long journey of discovery, then finally
met my Quintessential Being: I am one Universalist, one sovereign individual confined to no
country nor any one world, a free spirit within a universe without a boundary! I returned as
one enlightened disciple of universal Direct Democracy to free my native downtrodden Earth
by disseminating the gospel of true democracy, genuine justice and authentic freedom. I am
a forefather among many cofounders of a modernized plebiscite and a contemporary system
of plebiscitary governance by Global Grass–Roots Democracy. I am also a fellow citizen with
the saints, and of the household of God, the Alpha and Omega of my preeminent citizenship.
Swing low Sweet Chariot ...
Comin' for to carry me Home

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