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Swiss Majoritarian Democracy Now
But in the future, commonplace personal communication devices will enable electorates worldwide to vote directly on all proposed laws plus public policies and not be limited to voting on just a few civic issues where Direct Democracy is allowed to a circumscribed extent now. Voters then will be empowered to resolve every local, regional and universal public problem anonymously via eDemocracy when Direct Democracy is inaugurated on its broadest extent. Its comprehensive use will become practical whenever telephones, fax machines, computers connected to the Internet plus text messaging are sanctioned for electronic voting. The traditional precinct voting booth no longer will be the only authorized place in which to vote. Modernizing Direct Democracy by supplementing the local polling place and the absentee ballot with those far more convenient, plus far more efficient, means of voting not only will make its universal use feasible via easy access but also very efficient for direct lawmaking and public policymaking by all registered Voters!
Vote for ideas, not for politicians.
For, good ideas will not betray you!
Usher in Universal Direct Democracy by voting only for ideas!
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